A Guide to Arithmetic Geometry

I have added a new page on the blog called A Guide to Arithmetic Geometry. It is a compilation of some of my older posts about arithmetic geometry on this blog that is ordered in a way that I think would be suitable for a beginner who is interested in arithmetic geometry and would like some kind of broad overview. I have made this page because my newer posts have been more advanced and specialized which might make the more beginner-friendly posts harder to find. There are of course no guarantees that this “guide” is the only way (or even a good way) to go through arithmetic geometry and I have posted some links to posts of a similar nature written by other arithmetic geometers as well. Hopefully people will find this useful!


One thought on “A Guide to Arithmetic Geometry

  1. Hey Anton, thanks for all the work you put into this blog, it is truly a great resource for people like me interested in arithmetic geometry (I think we have quite similar tastes too). I will definitely recommend it to other people.

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