My name is Anton Hilado. I am a mathematics Ph.D. student at the University of Vermont, advised by Christelle Vincent. Before that, I completed my master’s degree in physics from the University of the Philippines, advised by Eric Galapon. Here is my academic website.

This blog contains my thoughts on mathematics and physics. The primary motivation for starting this blog is to hopefully help me organize my thoughts while I study these subjects, so that as I write and edit these posts I can obtain a deeper understanding of the very same topics that I am discussing. A perhaps secondary motivation is to share with other people the many interesting topics in mathematics and physics, and “bridge the gap” between the popular and the technical treatment of these subjects.

I make no claim to expertise; in the case that there are mistakes in the posts, I always put references at the end so that readers can check, and even if there are none I would always recommend reading these references anyway to supplement what I have written, since my posts are often light on detail and are perhaps better seen as mere overviews of the subjects they discuss (as would probably befit a blog).

My current research interests are mainly in arithmetic geometry, more specifically automorphic forms and Galois representations. I am also interested in many other topics in math and physics though, and will post about these other topics from time to time. There is of course also the possibility of the occasional post unrelated to mathematics or physics.

I’m also on Mathematics Stack Exchange, MathOverflow, and Twitter.